California Sustainable Forestry Investor Club

Activating Full Spectrum Capital for California's Sustainable Forestry sector.

How do we drive more investment capital to social ventures working in the sustainable forestry sector within California to reduce our fire risk, improve forest health, provide good jobs, and construct buildings that improve climate?

In partnership with Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC), Impact Finance Center is working to build the infrastructure to achieve this goal. The infrastructure includes Investor Accelerators (Impact Investing Giving Circles) and Investor Clubs that act as a marketplace to directly connect investors with the projects they care about. 

Impact Finance Center and RCAC will be hosting quarterly California Sustainable Forestry Investor Clubs, with the goal of growing the Club to 250 investors (e.g., individuals, private foundations, community foundations, endowments, family offices, corporations, banks, and life insurance companies) by 2025.


California Sustainable Forestry Investor Club

Hosts: Impact Finance Center and RCAC

Thursday, October 6th from 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm PST



Agenda 1:30pm - 3:00pm PST

12:30 Welcoming Remarks and Opening Presentation 

  • Stephanie Gripne (Impact Finance Center)
  • Stan Keasling (RCAC)

12:45 Investor Panel

  • Alicia Cramer (U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities)
  • Jasper van Brakel (RSF Social Finance)
  • Peter Weisberg (3Degrees Inc.)

1:30 Social Venture Panel

  • Vance Russell (Burney-Hat Creek Forest Health Fund)
  • Terrance (RCRC)
  • Kristen Decker (West Biofuels)

2:05 Introduction of the California Sustainable Forestry Catalog of Quarterly Investment Opportunities and 2 Min Pitches from 3+ social ventures

2:30 Adjourn and Send out Evaluation Survey and Due Diligence Interest Survey


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After the Event

Please take five minutes to fill out the California Sustainable Forestry Investor Club evaluation survey by Wednesday, November 2nd. Please be sure to fill it out as our goal is to connect you directly with the social ventures you’re interested in. 

Take the Survey


Are you ready to make an investment into social ventures working in the sustainable forestry sector within California? Once we receive your responses, we’ll connect you with the social ventures you indicated an interest in, and help match you with other potential investors interested in the same venture(s).

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Social Ventures:

Do you want to pitch at an upcoming California Sustainable Forestry Investor Club?


Impact Finance Center is working to catalyze unprecedented investment into Main Street by creating the infrastructure for a National Impact Investing Marketplace.


Direct investing marketplaces like our Investor Clubs are a critical part of that infrastructure. Your support will help make it all possible!

Please note that IFC is not an investment advisor or broker - our investor clubs are for educational and networking purposes for investors to learn more about impact investing and what direct investing opportunities may be available in their areas of interest, identity, and place. IFC makes no investment recommendations or endorsements of investment opportunities or products. Consult your financial, legal, and/or tax professionals for how a particular investment may fit with your goals.