Activating full spectrum capital for women


 Colorado Women's Investor Club Launch

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

11:30 am - 1:30 pm (MT)


TO ATTEND: You must either be a) Colorado women social venture (led by and/or benefitting Colorado women) or b) an accredited investor and fill out this survey


11:30 am Welcoming remarks 

  • Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Executive Director, Impact Finance Center

11:45 am Investor Panel

  • Moderator: Dr. Stephanie Gripne, Executive Director, Impact Finance Center
  • Antoinette Klatzky, Eileen Fisher Community Foundation
  • Nicole Bagley, The Sapelo Foundation, Brenn Foundation, and Arca Foundation
  • Elisa Miller-Out, Chloe Capital

12:30 pm Social Venture Panel

  • Moderator: Jeanne Hegner, Senior Advisor, Imapct Finance Center
  • Ana Hernandez or Katy Kappler, Inscribe
  • Sara Brito, Good Food Media Network, Inc.
  • Tarra LaRock, Mindful Mamas
  • Timeri Tolnay, EdCuration

1:05 Introduction of the CO Women Catalog of Quarterly Investment Opportunities and 2 Min Pitches from 9 social ventures.

1:25 pm Resources and Next Steps

1:30 pm Adjourn and Send out Evaluation Survey and Due Diligence Interest Survey


Over the next three years, it is our goal to catalyze $100M in investments in Colorado women ventures through this new direct investing ecosystem.

If you are a Colorado social venture led by and/or benefitting women and want to do a quick pitch and/or be listed in the online catalog, please fill out this survey in addition to the one linked above. Or email

About the Investor Club:
IFC has identified, educated, and activated more than 80 new impact investors over the last several years through our various education offerings, CO Impact Days, Who's Who in Financial Innovation & Impact Investing, Fellowships, and more. 

After this pilot Investor Club meeting, we will evaluate if there are sufficient investment opportunity and investor interest to convene a quarterly Colorado Women's Investor Club with the goal of growing the Club to 100+ investors (e.g., individuals, private foundations, community foundations, endowments, family offices, corporations, banks, and life insurance companies).

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Impact Finance Center is working to catalyze unprecedented investment into Main Street by creating the infrastructure for a National Impact Investing Marketplace.


Direct investing marketplaces like our Investor Clubs are a critical part of that infrastructure. Your support will help make it all possible!

Please note that IFC is not an investment advisor or broker - our investor clubs are for educational and networking purposes for investors to learn more about impact investing and what direct investing opportunities may be available in their areas of interest, identity, and place. IFC makes no investment recommendations or endorsements of investment opportunities or products. Consult your financial, legal, and/or tax professionals for how a particular investment may fit with your goals.