New York State CDFI

Investor Club

Activating Full Spectrum Capital for New York State

New York State CDFI Investor Club Webinar


Hosts: Impact Finance Center

When: Friday, November 5, 12pm EST/ 10am MT

Location: Online



How do we finance our communities to thrive when traditional banks often leave out poor, working class, Black, or Brown People? Impact Finance Center and New York State CDFI Coalition have rolled up our sleeves to create a pipeline to Main Street lenders. This infrastructure has created a marketplace for retail and institutional investors to connect directly with the communities and projects they care about while remaining profitable.

CDFIs, or Community Development Financial Institutions, have the expertise and experience of a traditional bank/lender, but they are flexible, personalized, and based in the communities in which they operate. This means that they can provide far more affordable and responsible lending for business and individuals, often to those who would otherwise be left out of traditional financial services. 

By putting community first, these lenders are profitable but not profit-maximizing. And the result is an asset class that was the highest performing during the Great Recession, with a 30-year track record of deep impact in the areas that are most in need.

Thank you to our partner, NYS CDFI Coalition.

Agenda 12:00 - 1:00 ET

12:00 Welcoming Remarks:  

  • Colleen Ryan (New York State CDFI Coalition)
  • Dr. Stephanie Gripne (Impact Finance Center)  

12:10 Institute Discussion Featured Speakers:

  • Moderator: Dr. Stephanie Gripne (Impact Finance Center)
  • Luni Libes (Realize Impact)
  • Ian Shelledy (Community Foundation of Utah)

12:55 Steph closing & share info on upcoming programming:

  • Thank our partner, NYS CDFI Coalition


Objective: We are hosting quarterly meetings (started in April 2020) with the goal of growing the Club to 100+ investors (e.g., individuals, private foundations, community foundations, endowments, family offices, corporations, banks, and life insurance companies) by 2022.

Description: As we work to build the infrastructure for community members to be able to invest directly in the social ventures (nonprofits, startups, businesses, funds, cooperatives, hybrids, and more) they care about, Investor Clubs are a critical step forward. Building on the success of CO Impact Days and our growing network of Impact Investing Giving Circles (we piloted the first-ever Impact Investing Giving Circle in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Colorado), Investor Clubs are the next step in achieving Impact Finance Center’s vision of a Main Street 2.0.

After our pilot Investor Club meeting in April, we believe there is sufficient investment opportunity and investor interest to convene a quarterly New York State CDFI Investor Club with the goal of growing the Club to 100 investors (e.g., individuals, private foundations, community foundations, endowments, family offices, corporations, banks, and life insurance companies) by 2022.

Investor Benefits

  • Education
  • Access to investment opportunities
  • Efficiencies
  • Opportunities to find co-investors for those of which the Investor is lead

Social Venture Benefits:

  • Cost-effective fundraising
  • More investors

Please contact us at or 303-900-2060 to let us know if you would like to be included as a co-host or would consider sponsoring the event.

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Impact Finance Center is working to catalyze unprecedented investment into Main Street by creating the infrastructure for a National Impact Investing Marketplace.


Direct investing marketplaces like our Investor Clubs are a critical part of that infrastructure. Your support will help make it all possible!

Please note that IFC is not an investment advisor or broker - our investor clubs are for educational and networking purposes for investors to learn more about impact investing and what direct investing opportunities may be available in their areas of interest, identity, and place. IFC makes no investment recommendations or endorsements of investment opportunities or products. Consult your financial, legal, and/or tax professionals for how a particular investment may fit with your goals.