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Activating Full Spectrum Capital for New York State

New York State CDFI Webinar


Hosts: Impact Finance Center

When: Friday, May 7, 12pm EST/ 10am MT

Location: Online



The NYS CDFI Coalition has joined forces with Impact Finance Center to build a marketplace to directly connect investors with Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) across New York State.

The New York State CDFI Coalition advocates and provides resources for more than 80 CDFIs in New York. From 2003-2018, NYS CDFIs provided $4.3 billion in loans to create affordable homes and support the start-up and expansion of small businesses and not-for-profit facilities creating 65,000 jobs.

CDFIs differ from traditional banks and lenders in that they are dedicated to delivering responsible, affordable lending to help business development efforts in local communities, particularly those needing revitalization. By financing community businesses, these organizations help spark job growth and retention in struggling markets.


12:00 Welcoming remarks:

  • Dr. Stephanie Gripne (Impact Finance Center)  


12:10 Featured speaker: 

  • Catherine Burnett, Phillips Family Foundation 


  1. Tell us about your impact investor journey 
  2. What do you look for in an impact investment? 
  3. Tell us about one particular investment you remember - why did you choose it, what makes it memorable?
  4. If there's time - what do you look for in CDFIs, in particular.


12:35 CDFI Panel

  • Moderator TBD
  • TBD

Panel Questions

Why do you do this? Tell us a borrower story, why should an investor care?

What's your secret sauce? Essentially, why should an investor trust that you will repay?

What are you looking for today? Not $$$, what will be the impact of an investment in you?


12:55 Steph closing & share info on upcoming programming

Thank our partner, NYS CDFI Coalition.

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